mardi 11 décembre 2007

Mentor interview + T.V programs 1,2,3,4,5

Mentor interview

The person that I interviewed is a member of my family. This person works for Bell Helicopter Textron Canada, a business situated in the municipality of Mirabel. This person has worked for Bell Helicopter for more than twenty years and he is the supervisor of maintenance. This person is my father, Pierre Fortier. Let me explain his history and his advices to be better in my work.My father has his college degree as an aircraft mechanic. He finished his college degree in 1983. But at this time, aviation was down. So he could not work in this world. He did apply for a job in industrial mechanics. He got hired by Bell Helicopter. He also had his courses as an industrial electrician. After ten years as an electrician, he became a maintenance supervisor.During the interview, he said that he really likes his job because everybody is professional, the salaries are good and the shop in very safe and clean. He also said to me that to do his job successfully, he must have discipline, leadership, team spirit and he must like challenges. He must has also like a lot of organization. To be where he is today, he said to me that he had to keep working hard and respectful with everybody.To conclude, he said that aviation is a great world and since he works in it, he has a lot of motivation. So, it’s for this reasons that I am here today, in my final session in aircraft mechanics.

T.V journal # 5

I think that the simpson is the best program that i have watched. I think also that this t.v. program is very populard because it's the life of every day but very exagerated. Anybody can identify with a character. Even if the program has existed for more than ten years,it's not an oldfashioned t.v. program. I know that some people don't like it because it's a cartoon. But for me, it's a very good leisure program. The simpsons is very funny. For sure, I recommand it and if you become an addict, you can now watch the movie.

T.V journal # 4

I’m Bart Simpson. I'm a bad boy. My little sister is so intelligent and I like to play bad tricks to her. One day we went to the glacier of Springfield and I played bad tricks on Lisa. Lisa was so angry at me. The next morning, Lisa obtained an injunction against me. At this moment I could not approach Lisa under 25 feet. I could not go to school because every where I was, I was in the circle of 25 feet of Lisa. So, the director put me in the shed with Willy the janitor. My mother asked lawyer to cancel the injunction. But I insulted the lawyer. So, the lawyer put the injunction at 61 meters. I could not go to school and my father installed a camp in the back yard. I had to live with the animals for about one month. After the month, the injunction was raised. I could start playing bad tricks on my little sister again.

T.V journal # 3

Questions for Tom Fortier (smallville)

Were you anm addict of this serie ?
What were you going to do when the class will be end with your t.v. program ?

Questions for Remi (Lost)

What did you do if you were sitting into an aircraft that crashed on a lost island ?
On what channel did you watched the serie lost ?

Questions for Mark (Familly guy)

What time did you watch this program ?
After the session, did you think that this program will interest yourself ?

Questions for Matias (CSI Miami)

Did you think that it's long like t.v. program ?
If you have the chance to take a new t.v. program. Did you choose the same ?

Questions for Maxime Filteau (24 hours)

How many series exist ?
When did you watch it ?

T.V journal # 2

The story began like this: The whole Simpson family went the Springfield Easter party. An egg hunt race was organized for the children. Every kid found some eggs except Maggi. So Homer stole the eggs in the baskets of the kids and put them in Maggi’s basket. During this time Marge spoke with the other wives of Springfield. The supervisor of the activity saw homer stealing the eggs. A big battle started. Homer hit the supervisor and the supervisor hit Homer. Marge had a lot of shame and the other wife of Springfield did also. The friends of Marge wouldn’t speke with her. Marge was very angry. Homer told Marge that she still had friends, like the t.v, the pan, the refrigerator and Maggi. Marge decided to look for new friends. She founds the group of the ``little women in red``. This group of women was a discussion group about life. But to finance their project, the women stole some objects. Marge realized this, but she wouldn’t lose her new friends. So she stole a piece of collection in the home of Mr. Burns. The police caught Marge. Marge’s new friends tried nothing to escape Marge. So, she realized that her new friends were not nice. She returned to the family house with Homer. Marge had her lesson.

T.V journal # 1

I chose like TV programme the Simpson. It’s an animation programme. A lot of characters appear in this TV programme. I like this programme because it is very funny and it’s the life of every day but exaggerate. My fist TV programme start when Homer goes to work and Marge goes at the shopping center with the kids. She sees a meeting about reading. She decides to take part in. After the meeting Marge decides to right a book. She publishes it. The book becomes fasting a big success in the Springfield town. She gives a lot of autographs. The people of Springfield start to laugh of Homer because the book of Marge basing on Homer and Homer did not read the book. Homer asks at Flanders advice to become a better husband.Marge is very happy about the progress of Homer.THE STORY IS FINISH